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Living Tuscany: Made By Enrico Crociani

Crociani Exterior Closeup

In the weeks I’ve been living in Montepulciano, I often breeze past the Enrico Crociani menswear shop, wave to the distinguished-looking man perched at his elegantly presented counter, and think, “Yes, tomorrow I will go in and have a look.”

Swapping Swaps for Bibs

Style Guide

Instead of going to work on the trading floor, this former Swedish banker now visits trade fairs. Her market? The parents of fashionable babes.


Whats Normal Series: What Are You Looking At By Isil Arisoy

The Eye of the Beholder

Here's the key to buying art: Buy what you love and want to live with. (And, of course, what you can afford.) One of the biggest names in art is making this even easier.

Juicy Couture Swimdress

The Cutest Girl on the Beach

Long ago, I decided that if I wasn't going to be the hottest girl on the beach, I was going to be the cutest. I never had the right body to be the hottest - not curvy enough, not skinny enough, but with good legs and breasts.