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When It's Time to Be Your Own Boss

Turn Off Computer - Meral Akbulut

I can bet my next pay cheque (whenever that is coming) that there comes a time in life where everybody toys with the idea of working for oneself instead of for someone else.

My Network's Not Working

IM_C 3 - Daniel Wildman

Over the years I have worked with some really great people, and I have always tried to stay in contact with them. Originally it was out of friendship, to see how they're doing. But lately I've been using these ex-colleagues as leads to jobs. 

How to Escape Commuting Hell

London Underground - Spagalloco

The alarm. The hangover. The cottonbud shortage. Indeed, for all the cruel varieties of reasons, mornings are dire for most of us. And there is one common denominator in the city’s hatred towards sunrise: the rush hour Tube journey.

The Geeky and the Godly

Reset Button

One fine, sunny day in July, and I was somewhat reluctant to disappear into the Savoy Buildings (admittedly elegant) conference centre, as a conference for geeks is not an exiting prospect. But as they promise to 'Reboot Britain', I had to be there.

This Crunch is Not Yet Rated

Credit Crunch - Steve Woods

We’ve spent the past week anticipating the US and UK governments’ plans for financial regulatory reform. Some City players stand to gain from the changes, some will lose, but amid all the blaming and reforming, another blurry culprit - the rating agency - hasn’t been forgotten, and politicians are seeking to reduce investors’ reliance on them.