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The Great Canadian Rip-Off

Canadian Money -

Canada, so I was told before moving, is 30% cheaper than the UK. Maybe that referred to their taste in wines, because it certainly doesn't refer to the cost of living.

See You On Facebook

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My former colleague recently moved to the other end of the world. It was the best day of my working life.

The 'Burbs

The American Dream - Roma Flowers

In a disillusioned phase of thinking my writing might, could or would be published one day, I rather vainly penned my brief memoirs of that lifetime ago I spent cavorting in the City.

Leaving London - An Easy Decision

City of London - Agata Urbaniak

When I decided to leave London a few months ago, I thought it was going to be a lot harder. But after having just spent two weeks in my future hometown of Newport Beach, I am starting to realise that London is making it pretty easy for me.

A Pound For Your Trolley

Trolleys - Lars Sundström

Not being in the possession of a car, and with the nearest supermarket just slightly too far away to comfortably walk with groceries, I generally tend to use the vast array of options for home delivery.

Let's Go Net Working

Waiting and Watching - Jenny Rollo

Around this time last year, whilst I was enjoying the rarefied air that blows outside of the financial word, I attended a corporate travel event. A casual observer might think that because this event was held in Cannes, covered luxury travel, and had Bjorn Again for the event party, this was nothing more than a frivolous boondoggle.

From Singapore to Sydney to Singapore

australia - japie de jong

I sit here pondering over how quickly four years have gone by, when I packed my bags and came Down Under, lived in a shoebox for ages, balancing grad school and a part-time corporate job in financial services.

The Year's Top 20

Loads of Money - David Playford

It's official. If the article has to do with interpersonal relations between men and women, it's going to be a hit. Well, or if it's about dressing like a protestor...



Police On The Scene Sxc Hu Cbcs

The U.S. Supreme Court on Cellphones

Last Wednesday, June 25, in the case of Riley vs. California — and a second, similar case, U.S. vs. Wurie — the U.S. Supreme Court, in a unanimous 9-0 decision, handed down a new rule that now applies to state and local police, and federal investigators in the United States.