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Opening the Chat Room Door


Dear Mr & Mrs Properly: Please don’t laugh, but I went into a chat room the other day. I hadn’t been in a chat room for at least 15 years, and boy have things changed. I feel like I need a handbook for modern-day chat room etiquette. Any interest in putting one together for me? Signed, Slightly Embarrassed

The Common Phobias Of Creatives

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This brilliant info-graphic highlights the common phobias amongst people in the creative industry. They're not afraid of spiders like the rest of us. No, the thought Microsoft Excel and the light of day are the stuff that keep creatives awake at night!

Sandy Says: Prepare Already!

Storm Clouds Mattnolt Scx Hu

I was shocked to hear that a mere mile from me, a friend lost power last night and won't have it back until Thursday. Why am I surprised? Because I'm in Toronto, not New York, DC or New Jersey. Were we even supposed to be on guard?

James Bond's London

Daniel Craig In Skyfall

Living like 007 is easier than you might think. All you have to do is visit a few spots in London, get a suit on Savile Row, and, of course, spend an evening out, Bond-style.