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Mayor Crushes Car with Tank

Vilnius Mayor

The mayor of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, has been filmed using an armoured vehicle to crush a car parked illegally in a cycle lane. Mayor Arturas Zuokas is seen smiling as he rolls over the black Mercedes before shaking the hands of a man who appears to be the cars owner.

Mercedes CLS63 AMG - Sedan With Power

Mercedes Cls Amg Sedan Still

Dan Neil reviews a $127,000 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG fastback sedan, which he says offers incredible in the comfort of a well-appointed sedan but the realities of physics render it also just a little bit spooky.

Even A Little Depression Can Be Serious

Melinda Beck Interview Still

People who are chronically a little depressed - gloomy, grumpy, low energy - have 'dysthymic disorder', a condition with its own risks of job and family problems, as well as episodes of major depression.

Oslo Rocked By Bomb Blast

Oslo Bomb Blast

Norwegian capital Oslo has this afternoon be hit by a fatal bomb blast. The bomb is said to have hit the city centre, causing significant damage to government headquarters.

Jet Pack Fail

Jet Pack Fail

So you know men don't read instructions right? You would think when there's a risk of serious injury we might, but no, apparently using a water powered jet pack without, seemingly, any sort of training is just the kind of thing that proves you're man enough.