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Thank Goodness For Bad Jokes

Turkey Ben Smith

This is it, ex-US. The only four day weekend on the American calendar. It's going to be slow. So what are you going to do? Tell Thanksgiving jokes. Trust us, you've forgotten how hilarious clean jokes can be. (Note: very funny dirty joke at the end.)

The Common Phobias Of Creatives

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This brilliant info-graphic highlights the common phobias amongst people in the creative industry. They're not afraid of spiders like the rest of us. No, the thought Microsoft Excel and the light of day are the stuff that keep creatives awake at night!


Even A Little Depression Can Be Serious

People who are chronically a little depressed - gloomy, grumpy, low energy - have 'dysthymic disorder', a condition with its own risks of job and family problems, as well as episodes of major depression.