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"Cave House For Rent"


If you are looking for that some place special and live in the Sutton Coldfield area then this could be the property for you!

Funny Drive-Thru Prank


The guys over at have come up with another brilliant drive-thru prank, this one involves a car seat camouflage costume and some poor unsuspecting fastfood employees. Enjoy.....

What Does Your Phone Say About You?


If you use a BlackBerry, you could very well be a pessimist. If you use an iPhone, you're likely an optimist, but chances are your manners are suffering because you're using it too much.


Paris Hilton

5 Funny Celebrity Break-Ins

This info-graphic tells 5 amusing celebrity break-in stories, from Paris Hilton's $2m loss due to 'leaving a spare key under the doormat', to LL Cool J's foiled robbery where the would-be thief came away with a lot less than he bargained for - although he did gain a broken jaw!