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Senate approves Janet Yellen as Fed chair

Janet Yellan

The Senate on Monday approved Janet Yellen to become the next chair of the Federal Reserve. She currently serves as Fed vice chair and previously worked as head of the San Francisco Fed.

This could be the 'rockstar' economy of 2014

Rock Climbing

New Zealand will be the "rockstar" economy of 2014, with growth set to outpace most of its developed markets peers, according to HSBC, a stark contrast with neighboring Australia, which is struggling to maintain economic momentum.

'Dr. Doom' Roubini gets bullish on global economy

Thumbs Up At Desk

Economist Nouriel Roubini, renowned for his foretelling of doom and gloom in financial markets, has turned bullish in his 2014 outlook, expecting economic performance to "pick up modestly" in both advanced economies and emerging markets.

Here's what should bolster bitcoin in 2014


Last year was nothing short of exciting for bitcoin and with 2014 set to be another interesting year for digital currencies, the Bitcoin Foundation expects wider adoption and the recognition of its potential to support bitcoin going forward.