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Big in Japan

Mikimoto Ginza - Oiuysdfg, Wikipedia

After an absence of six years to this city of contrasts, I flew in for a two-day trip and recounted the things that make Tokyo so seriously cool.

Hi, How Are You?

Belen Echandia

If you’ve ever been to the United States, you know. “Hi, How Are You?” is the first thing you hear when you step into a shop, a restaurant, or anywhere really. And you know what it sounds like, the emphasis on the 'are'.

Why Life in Singapore is Good

City Skyline - Zern Liew

It's been seven months since I relocated back to Singapore after being away for four years. As with anywhere in the world, there are pros and cons. But today, we're talking about the good things.



Father Christmas In Green

Father Christmas in Summer

Father Christmas? — ‘Ye-e-s. How may I serve you?’ — Well, we were wondering…. We have an online discussion every day on various subjects, and we thought if you have time in your off-season, we might ask you to be honorary host of a question-and-answer session on summer. A ‘summer Q&A,’ as it were.