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Get To Know Your Neighbours

Neighbourhood Behind 1 Theresa Murphy

Before moving to Toronto, my husband and I had brief, magical time with our three neighbours. It started with a drunken night (doesn't it always?) in Penthouse C, and ended up with regular dinner parties that would take us to a different flat for each course.

Growing Old Greedily

Senior With Red Wine Walter Groesel

Pensions. Utterly unsuitable lunch conversation material. Undigestible, incomprehensible, and completely irrelevant to the young at heart.

Father's Day Fails


This brilliant Father's day info-graphic, brought to you by, not only provides you with great gift ideas, it also encourages you to man-up and be a better son!

My Morning Coffee

Ever tried Internet dating? I haven't, but I got a flyer the other day for one of the numerous sites all designed to help us find the ultimate happiness (at a fee I hasten to add). Curious as I am, I of course had to have a look.

The End of the World As We Don't Know It

Fire Twirl Matt Palmer

So, the end of the world is postponed yet again. And given that it was never going to happen (not this weekend, at least), it makes you wonder why everybody was talking about it in the first place.