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The 'Art' of Head-Swapping

Max With His Hand In His Pants

At my mother's urging, my husband, sons and I had family pictures taken a few weeks ago. They turned out great - and nothing about it was cheesy. Until the topic of head swapping came up.

The Great 4h x 100m Delay

Runners Mordoc Sxc Hu

The 100m final is usually regarded to be the pinnacle of the Olympics. What a shame that the entire US audience had to miss out on it in favour of, are you ready for it? Horse jumping and water polo.

Impress Your Dates & Mates: The Mars Rover

NASA Curiosity

Want to be fascinating (or at least with-it) over drinks after work? Our new feature will help. Up first: The Mars Rover. But here's the even more interesting part: there's another rover still making its way around the red planet.

Moonlighting at the Opening Ceremony

Tim Baros Outside Olympic Staduium

For those of you who saw the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, you will agree it was a spectacular show. It's hard to believe the entire performance was done with volunteers, and I got to be one of them.