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C Suisse accused of withholding 'hot' documents

Hot Seat

Credit Suisse has withheld many key documents from MBIA in a lawsuit accusing the bank of lying about how it processed loans used in mortgage-backed securities, and it should be ordered to review whether it has more evidence suggesting misconduct, the bond insurer said.

Gates to grads: 'You can do better than I did'

Bill & Melinda Gates 2009

Optimism without empathy will not be enough to solve the problems facing the world, Bill Gates told Stanford's graduating class of 2014 in a commencement speech he gave with his wife, Melinda.

Iran hopes to resolve trading freeze with HSBC

HSBC Canary Wharf

Iran is lobbying to get HSBC to process humanitarian trade transactions that Europe's biggest bank has frozen because of concerns about potential breaches of international sanctions, sources familiar with the trades told Reuters.

Ex-Goldman programmer's arrest ruled illegal

Michael Lewis - Flash Boys

The former Goldman Sachs programmer twice charged with stealing the company’s high-speed trading code on his last day of work scored a pre-trial victory last week, as a New York judge ruled his arrest was illegal and threw out some of the evidence against him.



Janet Yellen

If this market turmoil forces a US rate cut, the outlook will truly be grim

This time last month stock markets were starting an end-of-year rally, cheerfully regarding the US Federal Reserve’s small increase in interest rates as evidence of the underlying strength of the global economy. Now, says William White, former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements, the situation is as bad as in 2007, the onset of the banking crash.