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New York tops billionaire birth list

Foot In Mouth

More billionaires have been born in New York City than in any other city in the world, according new research by U.K.-based luxury magazine Spear's and research company WealthInsight.

Central banks need exit strategy from post-crisis policies

Ben Bernanke

September 16 2008 was the day central banks stopped being boring. The day Lehman Brothers went down was the cut-off point between conventional monetary policy – moving official interest rates in baby steps to keep inflation low – and unconventional monetary policy.

BHP Billiton spins off metals and mining assets

Crack Split

One of the financial world's largest ever mergers was effectively unwound on Tuesday as BHP Billiton said it was demerging key assets from its $190bn (£114bn) mining conglomerate – triggering another huge payday for the banks.

BofA's top paid banker to be sole COO

Bank Of America Corner Signs

Bank of America's Thomas K. Montag, the bank’s top-paid senior manager, will become sole chief operating officer as co-COO David Darnell takes a new title so he can move to Florida.



Next Shop

Investors in Next critical over dividend disclosure

Next has been criticised by a group of heavyweight investors who say the company failed to act on a warning that could have prevented it from breaking company law, forcing the retail group to hold an expensive shareholder meeting this week.