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Banks improving their culture, compliance

Pulling Hair

Prominent corporate lawyer H. Rodgin Cohen said Friday that he sees the environment between banks and their regulators as one of the most tension-filled times of his career.

C Suisse faces $3.2bn Italian lawsuit

Colosseum Rome

Credit Suisse is facing a $3.2bn suit in Italy as prosecutors probe the lender in a separate case, a sign litigation risks haven’t abated since a multi-billion settlement last year.

Credit union sues HSBC

HSBC building sign

The National Credit Union Administration Board filed suit against HSBC, alleging it did not fulfil trustee duties for 37 residential mortgage-backed securities trusts, the group said on Friday.

Halfords hires McDonald's UK boss

Half eaten Big Mac

The boss of McDonald’s in the UK, Jill McDonald, has been hired as the next chief executive of Halfords where she will become one of the few women at the helm of a London-listed company.