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Firms enforce 'posh' hiring test

Eye Test

Some of the UK's top financial services and law firms have been accused of imposing a 'poshness test' when hiring new graduates, locking bright working-class applicants out of some of the top jobs, a government research report has found.

Report - UBS could 'shift' 20,000 staff

Mouse and Keyboard

UBS, which has been taking steps to ensure key businesses can be broken off in a crisis, plans to shift some internal operations into legally separate service centers that can continue supporting individual subsidiaries after an emergency, according to SonntagsZeitung.

BlackRock rewrites risk rulebook

Skyscraper Window Cleaners

With $4.8 trillion in assets - or about the size of Japan’s economy - no one manages more money than BlackRock. So, it’s worth paying attention when the firm says it’s time to cast aside its trusted models for assessing risk in bonds.