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These risks could cost the world $4.6 trillion

The Titanic

Over $4 trillion of economic output is at risk in the world's largest cities due to a host of dangers ranging from earthquakes, pandemics, nuclear disasters, terrorism, tsunamis and cyberattacks, according to a new study from Lloyd's of London.

China: New normal is 7% growth

China Flag

China's financial markets are expected to remain stable and the renminbi is not on course for a long-term devaluation, while fiscal spending will grow faster than expected this year, the country's top financial officials told the G20.

UK high street has worst month since 2008

Shopping Bascket Super Market

August turned out to be the worst month for Britain’s retailers since the financial crisis of 2008, a survey has shown, as poor weather and a spike in foreign holidays kept shoppers away from the high street.