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Is Glencore the mining sector's Lehman?

The Titanic

Experts are beginning to warn of the dire financial impact across the mining and metals space if Glencore, one of the world's largest resource companies, is unable to control its skyrocketing debt load.

Glencore: how did it go so wrong, again?

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In the spring of 2011, when the commodities trading giant Glencore was on the verge of floating on the London stock exchange, media outlets received a pointed communiqué from one of the company’s law firms.



Mark Carney

Fired-up Mark Carney brings along the heavy mob

Sterling tumbling, gilt yields at near record lows, balance of payments dire, business confidence flatlining: no wonder Mark Carney brought the eleven horsemen – and women – of the apocalypse with him to the Treasury select committee.