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BofA CEO - 'I say stay the course'

Brian Moynihan Davos 2013 Pic

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said that even if Wall Street reforms were scaled back by politicians, he wouldn’t change how he runs the company, including the extra capital the firm holds.

London skyscrapers see rent prices boom


The cost of renting office space in the tallest buildings in London has surged almost 11 percent in the last six months, as construction of a number of high-profile skyscrapers have been completed and occupancy rates are at multi-year highs.



Trading Desk

Banks on high alert as City sets up war rooms and fills cash machines

Major banks are preparing for two days of unprecedented uncertainty by stuffing cash machines full of money, placing senior bankers on high alert in emergency war rooms around the City and switching off computer-driven “black box” trading systems to avoid incurring huge losses in violent swings in shares, bonds and currency markets.