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JPMorgan chief to head Business Roundtable

Jamie Dimon

He may have turned down the idea of being the next Treasury Secretary, but J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will lead a team of CEOs who advocate pro-business policies on Capitol Hill during the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Sharing with my boss cost me my career

Hotel Reception

'Was it only a few years ago when the sky seemed to be the limit ? The deals were coming fast and furious, the bonus pot was building nicely, and expenses were a perk. My, how quickly things changed.


James Gorman Pic

Morgan Stanley said sticking toe back in commodities

Nancy King, global head of commodities trading at Morgan Stanley, has spent the last few years remodelling what used to be one of the most profitable units on Wall Street, by downsizing and focusing on smaller, smart trades for customers instead of the big, risky bets it used to make on its own account.

Barclays Sign

Barclays energy trading exit concern

Barclays has joined the list of top banks to exit energy trading, an exodus that analysts say raises concern among oil producers that falling liquidity means they cannot use derivatives for their basic function: to hedge risk by locking in future prices.

Goldman Sachs Blink

Goldman smacked-down

Federal Reserve regulators reprimanded Goldman Sachs a second time for flouting lending guidelines in a risky debt deal it arranged for the $4bn buyout of Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Donald Trump Speaks

Goldman's Blankfein on Trump

Goldman Sachs’s Lloyd Blankfein said President-elect Donald Trump probably won’t be a dangerous leader, according to an interview in German newspaper Handelsblatt.