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Fired Morgan Stanley professional seeks to avoid jail

Computer Hacker

A fired Morgan Stanley financial adviser facing prison for downloading data on hundreds of thousands of customer accounts to a home server says he’s been told the bank 'suspected' Russian hackers got access to the information and offered to sell it on the Internet.

Failed hedge fund sues Citigroup

Citi Building Sign

A failed hedge fund, whose manager was jailed for fraud, sued Citigroup over allegations the bank undervalued assets when it closed out trades at the height of the 2008 financial crisis.

Supercomputers said to entice Wall Street

Wall Street sign

You may soon be able to see every conceivable outcome of a wager, say on interest rates, over many time horizons - thanks to computers that rely on the uncertainty at the root of all matter.

Ex-Jefferies trader has conviction overturned


A former Jefferies & Co. Managing Director accused of lying to customers about bond prices had his conviction overturned, setting back government efforts to hold individuals accountable for alleged wrongdoing on Wall Street.



Marks & Spencer sign

Welcome to the M&S merry-go-round

Welcome to the Marks & Spencer merry-go-round, where Britain’s most famous high street retailer goes round in circles for years trying to fix its ailing clothing business.