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JPMorgan chief to head Business Roundtable

Jamie Dimon

He may have turned down the idea of being the next Treasury Secretary, but J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will lead a team of CEOs who advocate pro-business policies on Capitol Hill during the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Sharing with my boss cost me my career

Hotel Reception

'Was it only a few years ago when the sky seemed to be the limit ? The deals were coming fast and furious, the bonus pot was building nicely, and expenses were a perk. My, how quickly things changed.



BSOD Error

BNY Mellon suffers second big payment processing glitch

A payment processing glitch at BNY Mellon this week should not be a surprise as executives inside the world's largest custody bank recently highlighted a number of problems with the daily task of moving trillions of dollars around the global banking system.