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Top CEOs fall out of billionaires club

Graph And Coins

The 13% drop in U.S. stocks from their 2015 highs has not only messed with tens of thousands of working-class 401(k) accounts, but also knocked more than a dozen American executives from the billionaires’ club.

Robots now reading trader chats

Wind-up Robot

Robots are automating yet another bank job: the task of sifting through traders’ messages to spot foul play, a process currently carried out by legions of human employees.

Wasteful banks throwing money out the window

Waste Paper Basket

Banks have topped the list of companies that are throwing money away on unnecessary costs, wasting up to 10 per cent of their revenue each year according to a survey from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

HSBC forecasts Brexocalypse now


It's safe to say HSBC has come off the fence when it comes to Brexit, predicting what can only be described as a Brexocalypse. Just don't try saying that out loud.