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How Vulnerable Are Goldman Bankers ?

With Goldman CEO Hank Paulson now confirmed in as US Treasury Secretary, firm staff are turning their thoughts to what life will be like under his successor, Lloyd Blankfein. And some bankers are concerned that there may be a shift away from M&A, towards principal investments and trading.

Is Mack Beefing Up Morgan Stanley For A Merger ?

Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack is supposed to have fallen out with Credit Suisse, and lost his job as co-CEO there, after he wanted to merge the business with a rival. Some are wondering whether he is beefing up Morgan Stanley now, ready to suck in potential merger partners.

Ageism - Your Shouts

We recently published a few snippets from a comment sent in by one of our readers on the subject of ageism. Many of our readers felt compelled to send in their views on this item. Below is the original posting, and your comments:

Fight For Young Talent Takes Dirty Turn

As the war to attract top talent gathers pace, investment banks are sending out recruiters to sign up talent at an ever younger age. Some recruiters, however, are finding this to be really dirty work. Click the arrow below twice to see the video.

Alleged Offshoring Fraud - Those In Glass Houses

The news that an HSBC employee in Bangalore was arrested earlier this week in connection with allegations of a $416,000 fraud on 16 of the bank's UK customers, has predictably resulted in calls for companies to look again at offshoring initiatives and, where possible, pull projects back home.

The Latest Other Financial News In Brief

Henry Paulson has been quickly confirmed by the US Senate to become President George W Bush's Treasury Secretary in succession to John Snow. Paulson is thought likely to be a powerful influence in US policy-making.