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Concerns Grow As On-Site Recruiters Go Into 'Search'

We've all seen the growth in on-site recruitment desks, especially in Europe, over the last few years. Love 'em, or hate, they seem destined to stay. But whilst these desks have traditionally restricted their activities to contingency recruitment, some banks are looking at partnering with these firms on 'search' too, especially for jobs just below the normal headhunting threshold.

Mack To Be Interviewed To Put Insider Claims To Bed

Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack will be interviewed by US regulator The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in order to put to rest claims that he was in any way involved in any insider trading allegedly undertaken by hedge fund Pequot Capital Management, where he was CEO briefly in 2005.

Gored Bond Trader Now 'Home'

Ray Ducharme, the 31-year-old Bank of America bond trader injured in Spain earlier this month in a spat with a cow, has been flown home to the US, and remains in a serious condition at the Carolinas Medical Center.

Goldman, M&A, Money-Laundering, Quattrone

Goldman Sachs is said to be looking to buy The Battery Park City Embassy Suites Hotel and its retail complex, properties which are next door to the site of its planned $2.4bn New York HQ building. If the deal goes ahead, Goldman will have plenty of room for expansion.

BarCap Court Case, Merrill Penalty, Lehman Race Claim

Barclays Bank said Friday that it had received an order from the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas confirming that it had dismissed a case filed by Enron shareholders against Barclays Bank and investment banking arm Barclays Capital. The suit claimed that the bank and its investment banking unit were partially responsible for the fall of Enron. Several other banks, including JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup, have already reached billion dollar settlements over the suit.

'NatWest Three' - Ex-Wife Puts Boot In

The Mail on Sunday published an interesting interview last week with 44 year-old Laura Mulgrew, the ex-wife of Gary, one of the so-called NatWest Three. And Laura appears to have taken the opportunity to have a pop at her former husband. Here are some quotes from the article: