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Left-Handed People - Did You Know ?

Approximately 8 - 15% of the adult population is left-handed. Left-handed people are often thought to make better sportsmen/women, and some studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between left-handedness and creativity/intelligence. Left-handedness is also more common in males than females.

Paternity Leave - Your Shouts

'Of course paternity leave is essential. Men now do 30% of child raising and 10% of men stay at home to look after children while their partner returns to work. If women are to have equality in the workforce, then men need equality at home'.

Major Bomb Plot Discovery - UK On Terror Alert

As we come up to the 5th anniversary of September 11th, the UK has been put on its highest state of alert after British police uncovered a plot to blow up airplanes travelling from the UK to the US, using explosives smuggled in hand luggage.

BofA, Bear, Goldman Sachs, Martha, Other News

Well, it didn't take Bank of America long to overtake Citigroup as the world's biggest bank in terms of market cap. Just a week or so after everyone started to notice that BofA was hot on Citi's heels, it has gone on to become the biggest bank in the world, at least for a while. The market capitalisation of both banks has seesawed this week, but BofA briefly took top slot in early trading Tuesday.

Here Is The City 2006/2007 Survey Schedule

Well, we've undertaken a few surveys in the last year or so. Some were silly, others more meaningful. And although we will always be up for running a quick poll on any relevant ad-hoc subject, listed below are the surveys we plan to run in the coming year:

The Thoughts Of The Bullied Deutsche Staffer

Helen Green, a former member of Deutsche Bank's company secretariat in London, won $1.5m in the UK High Court last week, after the judge ruled that she was the victim of a sustained bullying campaign orchestrated by four female staff members in her department. Now the knives were out for Ms Green as soon as the size of the award was announced - she received the same payout as the average settlement provided by the US government and other sources (excluding charity) to the families of the victims of September 11th.