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UBS Investigated, Can Deutsche Catch Goldman ?

Forbes magazine has reported that Louisiana State Attorney General Charles Foti filed a motion in state court last month to compel UBS to hand over 'vast quantities' of information on its trading, stock lending and other activities in respect of software firm Sedona. The documents are said to include 'trading records, monthly stock inventories, stock loan documentation, information regarding commission payments, customer account records and research done in house related to Sedona.

BofA, Credit Suisse, Schroders, M&A, Other News

Bank of America (BofA) has called time on its private equity business in India. The unit, which was established to provide development capital in high-growth sectors such as technology, is said by BofA to be 'a very small operation and was not strategic to our goals in that area of the private equity business'.

Do All Gays Hate Rugby, Then ?

Interesting that the Law Society came out last week and said that law firms need to do more to 'ensure a climate of acceptance and inclusivity' for gay employees.

Spoof Lucy Gao E-Mail

Here's the spoof e-mail posted by a wag on Aussie website . With apologies to Lucy Goa - we wish you nothing but success in your future career.

The Last 'Lucy Gao' E-Mail

We hadn't planned to run anymore stuff on the subject of Citigroup intern Lucy Gao, as the silly season has come to an end, and there's more serious stuff to cover. However, it is Friday, and website wallstreetfolly drew our attention to the following item which was posted on the entertainment blog of Aussie website The Age.