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BGI, Nicola Horlick, HSBC, Sandy Weill

The Times reports that ousted Hewlett-Packard chairman Patricia Dunn, who faces criminal charges in the US relating to the company spying scandal, has resigned from Barclays Bank after 11 years. Ms Dunn was CEO of fund arm Barclays Global Investors, but stepped down 4 years ago to fight cancer. She has been a non-executive chairman ever since.

Banker's Beach 'B.nk' Leads To Lad Mag Offer

Wall Street Folly reports that Brazil's 'G' magazine, which caters for the gay community, is hoping to get Merrill Lynch Brazilian private banker Renato Malzoni Filho (aka Tato Malzoni) to agree to pose naked in a forthcoming issue.

Other Here Is The City News In Brief

Dow Jones Newswires reported last week that Commerzbank has come out and confirmed that it is happy with its derivatives business. Rumours had been circulating that the business may have been in trouble.

Where Women Want To Work

The Times newspaper, in association with Aurora (a company that helps large organisations market their employer brand and job vacancies to women), has compiled a Top 50 list of businesses where women want to work in the UK.

Should All Suspected Fare-Dodgers Be Flogged ?

The big news in the City Tuesday was the suspected fare dodger who was allegedly 'throttled' by a ticket inspector after making a run for it when asked for his train ticket. He was apparently minding his own business and waiting on the platform for a train when the inspectors pounced.