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No Let Up In Recruitment Frenzy As Firms Still Gear Up

It's not unusual this time of year for firms to take their feet off the recruitment pedal. As year end approaches (and firms like Goldman, Lehman, Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns close their final fiscal quarter one month sooner than the rest), the focus is usually on profits and bonuses, rather than recruitment. This year it's different. Recruiters will tell you that there has been no discernable slowdown in recruitment activity - across the board.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Barclays Bank has settled its legal spat with Enron's bankruptcy estate. The UK bank will pay $144m to settle (but denied wrongdoing), 'as it was prefereable to the time expense and unpredicability of litigation'. Barclays will still be able to pursue $310m of its own claims against Enron in the bankruptcy proceedings.

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The Financial Times reports that Vietnamese prime minister, Nguyen Tan Dun, has told the country's central bank officials and police authorities to get their fingers out. The investigations into alleged illegal foreign exchange trading by ABN Amro has dragged on, and two local ABN employees have been banged up in jail for 16 months, pending the outcome of the probe.

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The New York Post reports that Bank of America Specialist, the third-largest market maker on the floor of The New York Stock Exchange has not been trading in the new hybrid market yet - despite 18 months work and spending $13m on technology to enable it to do so. According to the newspaper, the firm has also canned the 'technology executive' in charge of this project.