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Rumours Of 'Bonus Panic' At Top Firm has reported on rumours of 'bonus panic' at the Credit Suisse investment banking office in New York. And it's apparently all because of those losses said to have been sustained in South Korean derivatives in the third quarter.

UBS Drawn Into Bond Probe, Credit Suisse Trader Leaves

The Wall Street Journal reports that US regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a probe to ascertain whether UBS was 'involved in improper manipulation of Treasury-services prices'. According to the newspaper, a US government inquiry has been quietly unfolding in recent weeks.

Goldman Told To 'Clean' Up Its Act

The Observer has joined the fray, and has been having a pop at Goldman Sachs about the amount of dosh that goes to the cleaners who clear up after those millionaire bankers in the firm's London offices.

Firm Sues Over $345m Trading Blunder

It's taken almost a year, but Mizuho Securities has finally filed a lawsuit against the Toyko Stock Exchange (TSE) following that $345m loss-making 'fat-fingered' trade executed in error last December.

Gold, Hedge Funds & Wayne Rooney, Cabbies & Lawyers

The Daily Telegraph reports that the documents which appeared to confirm that former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet had a large stash of gold in an HSBC branch in Hong Kong are bogus. An HSBC spokesperson has said that 'these documents are completely forged from beginning to end. There are ridiculous spelling mistakes, and stamps that purport to belong to a security firm that doesn't exist. Anybody can see in minutes that these are forged'.

Deutsche Succession - Speculation Mounts

With Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann stuck in Dusseldorf for his nonsensical retrial in connection with the payment of departing bonuses to Mannesmann exectives at the time of the 2001 Vodafone takeover (Ackermann was on the Mannesmann supervisory board at the time), speculation is mounting as to who will take over from the current Deutsche boss when his time is up.

Goldman's Chosen Few

The white smoke was seen wafting from Goldman's Broad Street office building in New York Tuesday, after 115 staff were tapped for partner - and a $10m payment this year in addition to a bonus.

Is It All Really Goldman B.lls ?

Well, we've had all the hype this week about Goldman Sachs and those 115 new Partner Managing Directors (PMDs). These are the super folk who are tipped to receive another $10m for their troubles this year - in addition to their base salaries and bonuses. But are these people actually more than mere mortals, and are their careers at Goldman, rather than taking off, actually coming close to an end ?