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Trader Faces $30m Fine

All fun and games this week for Brian Hunter, the trader who is said to have been responsible for the $6bn losses sustained by hedge fund Amaranth Advisors following wrong-way bets on natural gas prices last year.

One-In-Six Firm Staff Said To Want Out

Reuters reports that, according to a survey undertaken by Dutch trade unions, 17% of staff who work at ABN AMRO feel that they would be better off quitting than sticking around to see who their new masters are.

Deutsche Bankers Take The Mick

The Rolling Stones

It was three years ago when a group of Deutsche bankers reportedly paid some $2m at an exclusive do to ogle at Kylie Minogue's hits in Spain. The bankers, it seems, were back again recently. And this time enjoying a private concert from rock 'n' roll legends The Rolling Stones.

Rumours That Firm Lost $400m In Hedge Fund Debacle

The Wall Street Journal has reported that, according to unnamed 'people familiar with the matter', Barclays is looking at a loss of up to $400m through its exposure to one of those two Bear hedge funds that went belly up a couple of weeks back.

And Recruitment Used To Be Such Fun

For those of us who can remember back that far, the golden days of financial markets recruitment were probably the two years or so following the Asian and Russian difficulties (and the Long Term Capital Management debacle) and the crash. 1998 - 2000 were great years to be a recruiter.

ABN Boss Likes Barclays, Bank Denies Dirty Tricks

Reuters reports that ABN AMRO CEO Rijkman Groenink has told a Dutch newspaper that he favours a merger with Barclays. ABN's boss said that 'I am still convinced a merger with Barclays is the best. It is better in terms of content, but as for the amount, it is not good enough'