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England Out - Your Views

Whilst we don't normally comment on sport, England's ignoble exit from the European Championship Wednesday has prompted us to give some space to any reader who might be interested enough to post their views on this debacle.

Goldman's Achilles Heel

Well even Goldman can't have it all its own way. Even the illustrious Wall Street firm, which has thrived and prospered this year while most rivals have stumbled, has a weak spot. And, yes, it's that once-$10bn flagship Global Alpha hedge fund.

Drunk Husband Joke

Here's just another brilliant example of how men think on their feet...... how fortunate the women in our lives are!

Bear, Goldman, HSBC, Merrill, SocGen, Hedgies

Bloomberg reports that ousted Bear Stearns President Warren Spector, the man once tipped to take over from CEO Jimmy Cayne, walked off with $23m in stock stock and options after being made the fall-guy for the firm's hedge fund problems in the summer.

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More Problems For Top Firm After $15bn Write-Down Call

Shares in Citigroup fell 6% Monday, after Goldman analyst William Tanona came out and recommended that clients sell Citigroup shares as he expected that the firm would need to take a total write down in CDOs of around $15bn in the third and fourth quarters. The firm has already indicated that it will take a loss of between $8bn - $11bn on these positions, and Tanona estimates that that the loss will end up significantly higher.



Global ad market abuzz over $35bn new giant

The global advertising market began their week with news of the creation of the world's biggest firm in the sector, after Publicis and Omnicom announced at the weekend they were joining forces to form a group, overtaking global leader WPP.