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Who Gets What If RBS Consortium Wins Out On ABN

The Royal Bank of Scotland consortium (featuring Fortis and Santander in supporting roles) has finally placed its offer to acquire Dutch bank ABN AMRO on the table - and it comes out at $95.6bn. ABN will be broken up should the consortium offer be successful. And detailed below is a list of how the consortium will share the spoils.

Look Who's Hiring Bankers Now

The Daily Telegraph reports that buy-out firm Blackstone plans to hire 'dozens' of investment bankers to work in the company's corporate advisory business in Mayfair.

Banker's Suicide A Sad Indictment Of Our Times

An inquest into the death of former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) banker Neil Coulbeck last week found that he had killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed. Coulbeck, 53, was found dead in a London park in July last year. He had slit his wrists.

All The Latest Hedge Fund News

And Goldman Sachs is no longer the world's largest hedge fund. At least that's according to Alpha magazine's annual industry ranking league table. JPMorgan jumped 23 slots to grab top slot.

Former Goldman co-CEO Says 'I Should Be Dead'

Bloomberg reports that, some 6 weeks after surviving a car accident in which he wasn't wearing a seat selt, former Goldman co-CEO (and current New Jersey Governor) Jon Corzine has admitted on US public service television that he shouldn't really be around.

Trapped - Firm Bankers Going Nowhere

There will clearly be some nervous staff over at Dutch bank ABN AMRO. As the company board goes about the process of selling itself / merging in the same manner it has operated the bank for the past 6 years (in a muddled and inefficient way), some of the firm's staff, especially those working in the investment bank, will be eyeing the exits - but they don't really have much choice about where they can move to next.