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And You Can Forget Much Of A Bonus In 2008!

2007 was a funny old year. The first six months saw investment banks pull in record revenues and reap record profits, but the back end of the year was an unmitigated disaster. Yet many financial markets professionals still managed to bag record (or at least decent) bonuses. But 2008 will be very different.

What Planet Is Jamie Dimon On ?

You've got to hand it to JPMorgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon. After very smartly seizing the opportunity to try to acquire Bear Stearns at a bargain basement price, Dimon is said to be asking rival CEOs to instruct their troops to lay off hiring Bear staff until he has a chance to get his act together and lock 'em in!

L.p Dancing, Bear & Other Gossip

Much merriment on learning that securities trader Stephen Chang is suing an exotic dancer who, in the middle of giving him some serious lap dancing attention, allegedly swung round and accidently poked him in the eye with the heel of her shoe!

Top Firm Said Laying Off 2,000 More

Unhappy Citi

The International Herald Tribune reports that Citi has already started to lay off another 2,000 more investment bankers - just weeks after announcing 4,200 redundancies, most of which will come from the same unit.