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Who Makes The Best Traders ? - Poll Result

Some research suggests that female traders are more likely to make better traders than men, as they are more intuitive, less emotional and not as aggressive. Although they may not make as many big plays, research suggest that female traders are more consistent performers, and don't tend to rack up huge losses. How many 'rogue' or disgraced traders do you know who are women ?

All That Glitters Is Not Goldman ?

Focus has turned to the quality of Goldman's third-quarter earnings. Although the firm saw profits rise an impressive 79% to $2.85bn (while many rivals were writing down assets and getting kicked between the legs), analysts are concerned that many of the trading gains the firm recorded in the third period are merely paper gains from hard-to-value assets which the firm has itself valued. And some of the trades themselves are thought not to have been closed out, and could yet turn bad.

Big Doubts Remain Over At Citi

Citi announced its third-quarter profits Monday. Down 57% to $2.38bn after $5.9bn in write-downs, firm executives have interestingly stopped short of saying that the worst is over. Indeed, CFO Gary Crittenden indicated that some of the exotic asset-back securities the firm traded may never regain their value.

Bear, HSBC, Jefferies, Lloyds TSB, Hedge Funds

Bloomberg reports that China Citi Group has confirmed that it is interested in acquiring a minority stake in Bear Stearns, although Reuters says that China Construction Bank isn't as the bank feels that the two companies have different business profiles.

Firm CEO On Borrowed Time

Citi CEO Chuck Prince doesn't seem to have much going for him - except the prospect of a multi-million dollar exit package when he falls on his sword after a near-disasterous 4-year rein at the helm.