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Traders Win Lotto - Ticket Goes Missing

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that 16 traders at the Chicago Board Options Exchange were jumping for joy on hearing the news that they had won $175,000 on the Mega Millions lotto last month. Word of their win spread after they sent a junior co-worker to check the 32 tickets that they pooled together to buy for the draw held on 30th December. Trouble is, the winning ticket has disappeared and their co-worker has been charged by the police with felony theft for allegedly pocketing it! She is free on $25,000 bail.

Was Analyst Suspended For 'Taking The P' ?

The Evening Standard reports that a Citigroup equity analyst was allegedly escorted from the firm's Docklands offices last week in his underpants after he apparently returned from lunch 'the worse for wear'.

The CityNews Bonus Song

As bonus time approaches again, we bring back by popular demand 'The CityNews Bonus Song', to be sung to the tune of 'Summer Nights' from 'Grease'.

Oh No, I Gotta Give My Bonus Back!

The Guardian reports that Commerzbank paid a former employee too much in bonus in 2000. The bank went to court and, after quite a fight, its ex-employee has been ordered to return the overpaid amount.

The Enron Rap

Reuters reports that a former Enron worker plans to release a rap record about the company on December 3rd, the second anniversary of the failed energy giant filing for bankruptcy.

The Goldman Transgender Surgery Story


Fortune has revealed that Goldman Sachs, a firm which came in 9th in the magazine's latest 100 Best Companies to Work For listing, now has health insurance coverage as part of its benefits plan which provides for 'sex reassignment surgery' (that's a sex change to me and you)