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The Latest On Bogs And Dogs

Eliot Spitzer is on a new crusade. Fresh from screwing Wall Street down on stock research and mutual funds on late trading and market timing practices, the New York state Attorney General has a new target group in mind to save - unpaid bathroom or 'loo' attendants.

Here Comes The Judge (But No More)

Well, it seems that all good things come to an end. 57 year-old US District Judge Donald Thompson, the man accused of using a penis pump to masturbate under his robes whilst his court was in session, has announced that he is retiring.

Who Caught Bank Boss With His 'Browsers' Down ?

57 year-old Bank of Ireland chief executive Mike Soden fell on his sword last weekend after being caught by his firm's internet police browsing 'adult' websites on his bank PC. According to media reports, Soden may have 'accidentally' accessed an adult site when he was checking out escort services ahead of a trip to Las Vegas. Here Is The City had been wondering who blew the whistle on the bank boss and whether it was an easy thing to do. The Times 'City Diary' appears to have the answer.

The Enron Car Park - Did You Know ?

Enron corporate headquarters in Houston had a huge car park - the place where all the BMWs, Mercedes, Porches and SUVs hung out. According to the recent book 'Enron - Anatomy of Greed', written by former company employee Brian Cruver, 'the walls on each level of the parking garage were covered in colorful, billboard-size messages' detailing the company's creed. Here's what is said to have been posted on each level:

Staff Handbook

SICK DAYS - we will no longer accept a doctor's certificate as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.

DrKW - Wass In A Name ?

On September 18th, 2000, Dresdner Bank proudly announced that it had entered an agreement to buy Wasserstein Perella & Co for $1.37bn. The 12 year-old independent investment banking firm had 11 offices, employed around 600 staff and was run by legendary dealmaker Bruce Wasserstein. The German bank was happy and so was Bruce - he is said to have personally made $600m from the deal. Dresdner's investment banking arm soon changed its name to DrKW (Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein) to reflect new realities.



Vladimir Putin Wags Finger

Cyprus Considers Money Lockdown, Russia Aid

The Cypriot government is considering capital restrictions if banks reopen on Thursday, a senior government official told Reuters as negotiations between the country and Russia over financial assistance continue in Moscow.