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The Longest Career Suicide Note In History

Note with Quill

What do you think your firm would do if you painted a picture of it that was less than flattering ? Oh, and you happened to provide details of a bit of laddish behaviour, a touch of racism and the odd drunken exploit to a journalist, who subsequently wrote up a piece which appeared in the national media. Would it come as a surprise to you if you were subsequently asked to leave ?

The Latest On The Market Turmoil

The Daily Telegraph reports that the US Federal Reserve has pledged $200bn of emergency funding to ease liquidity problems in the markets. The move is designed to help alleviate the problems caused because of the current reluctance of banks and other financial institutions to actually lend money to each other. Creditworthy borrowers will now be able to stand in line and tap the Fed for money instead (although, in the scheme of things, $200bn is actually not a lot).