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Another Firm Makes Lehman Up

Bloomberg reports that Deutsche Bank has sued Lehman Brothers Holdings, seeking the return of some $72.5m which was transferred in error to a Lehman account at Bank of America on 26th September - 11 days after Lehman's bankruptcy filing!

More Bonus & Job Loss News

Bloomberg reports that there's a big backlash on Main Street about the so-called Wall Street bailout. The news agency says that the majority of Americans feel that bankers should get NO bonuses at all this year.

Will They Know It's Bonus Time ?

My, how times change. This year the equity boys will be doing rather better on the bonus front. But here's what we were singing this time last year -  to the tune of Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

More Job Cut News

As rumours fly that JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley are likely to ask between 10 - 15% of wholesale banking staff to leave, Reuters reports that both Citi and Goldman Sachs were busy cutting heads last week.