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Jamie Dimon Says Dirty Short Sellers Should Be Locked Up

Reuters reports that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was in fine form on PBS Monday. Dimon said that US regulators should launch an investigation to ascertain whether short sellers of Bear Stearns stock spread false rumors to deliberately bring down the Wall Street firm.

Bonuses - Bankers Want Cash Not Stock

Many firms like Citi, Lehman Brothers and UBS are now paying an increasing amount of year-end bonus for senior staff in deferred equity. This not only conserves much-needed cash, but acts as a retention tool for key staff.

Bear Eats 'Humble Pie'

New York magazine quotes from an e-mail that is said to have been circulating over in Bear Stearns New York office which reveals that an April 2nd inspection of the firm's in-house staff canteen uncovered 42 US health-code violations. (The average violation-point total for restaurants is said to be 13).