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Vicious Rumors Do Lehman In Again

Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld will be fuming. There appears to be just no respite, as inaccurate rumours again swept the market this week and resulted in yet more trouncing of his firm's stock price.

Another Firm Boss Looks Like Getting The Boot

Will Jean-Paul Votron (sounds like a 70s popstar, doesn't he ?), CEO over at Fortis, soon be going the same way as Citi's Chuck Prince, Merrill Lynch's Stan O'Neal, UBS's Peter Wuffli and Wachovia's Ken Thompson, and be forced out of his firm ? Or, like Lehman's Dick Fuld, will he just remain under pressure, but stay at the helm like a wounded man ?

Investigators Probing Ex-Credit Suisse Bankers

The Financial Times reports that US federal prosecutors have launched an investigation to establish whether two former Credit Suisse bankers misled clients about the nature of investments in 'auction rate' securities.