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Barclays Gives Back Lehman Knickknacks Taken By Mistake

Lehman's creditors will no doubt be overjoyed to learn that the firm has now managed to recover thousands of so-called 'memorabilia' items which it seems where mistakenly transferred to Barclays, when the UK bank acquired Lehman's US businesses last September.

Curbing Bonuses - What The Smart Money Says

'The work we have all done to try to stabilize the financial system and to get this economy moving again would be significantly set back if we lose our talented people because Congress imposes a special tax on financial services employees'.

I'm A Foreign Banker - And You Want Me Out Of Here!

According to a recent poll undertaken by the Financial Times, there are actually people even more unpopular than bankers at the moment - and that's foreign bankers! Apparently 53% of the British people who were polled opposed the right for citizens of other European Union countries to work in the UK.

Firm Boss Said To Make 'Emergency Trip' To Avert 'Flood Of Defections'

CNBC reports that Bank of America's wholesale banking boss Brian Moynihan is said to have made an 'emergency trip' to Merrill Lynch's London offices a few days back in order to attempt to 'stem a possible flood of defections of investment bankers'. The list of bankers thought to be on the edge include Andrea Orcel, the firm's top European banker.