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Firms Save Costs With Radical New Office Redesign

Budget Cut Cubicle

As the downturn begins to bite, several Wall Street firms are pulling in their horns by taking advantage of a radical new design in office furniture and IT software recently brought to the market by a former investment banker who was laid-off last year (see pictures to the right).

Job & Other News

The New York state Comptroller's office is now predicting that as many as 225,000 jobs (many from the securities industry and supporting services) could be lost in the 2-years to October 2009, and that some $6.5bn in securities-industry-related tax revenues will be lost as a result.

HPP Latest - Forget About The Gravy Train

It was interesting to read 'I've Had My Best Year, But I Don't Care About A Bonus'. On the face of it, the trader concerned sounds quite a pragmatic, good natured kind of guy. But, look at it more deeply, and you can see all the old greedy, grasping habits still simmering under the surface.

Who Is Tim Geithner ?

Timothy Franz Geithner, born August 18, 1961, has been nominated by President-elect Barack Obama to succeed Henry Paulson as the next US Secretary of the Treasury.

He's Alright Jack - One Banker Said Likely To Bag Huge Bonus

I'm Alright Jack

Roger Jenkins is Chief Executive of Barclays Private Equity, Principal Investments and Structured Capital Markets at Barclays Capital, and executive Chairman of Barclays Investment Banking & Investment Management, Middle East. And some say that this man could be highest-paid investment banker in the world.