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Lay-Offs - 'Victim Support'

To date, the cost of the global economic melt-down has been measured largely in financial terms. However, there is growing evidence to believe that the long-term human and psychological cost could be just as significant.

Trader Shoots Himself On Trading Floor

Despair Statue

Reuters reports that Paulo Sergio, a 36-year-old trader working for the brokerage arm of Brazilian banking giant Itau, shot himself Monday in an apparent suicide bid in the open outcry pit of San Paulo's Commodities & Futures Exchange.

Firms Said To Have Suffered Equity Trading Losses

Financial News reports that some of the biggest players in the equity derivatives market took a bath in October due to a 'sudden rise in volatility and correlation'. According to the newspaper, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Natixis all sustained losses of between $382m - $636m during the month.

More Bonus News

Bloomberg reports that Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman's CEO, has confirmed that he and five of his executives will forgo bonuses this year.