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'Pairing Off' In The Office Is On The Wane

Clusterstock reminds us that, in 'the good old days', people 'regularly had sex in the office' (Ed's note - unfortunately, not in my office they didn't!). But, what with the recession and all that, all the physical stuff is a thing of the past.

Rogue Trader ? Me ? 300 Staff Knew What I Was Doing!

French bank Societe Generale's so-called 'rogue trader', Jerome Kerviel (the man who lost $7bn on equity derivatives trades last year), continues on his legal journey to clear his name. He will know in September if he faces a trial for fraud.

Top Firm Said In $100m Trader Dilemma

The Wall Street Journal reports that bailed-out Citi finds itself in a bit of a fix again, as one of its top traders is 'pressing' for the firm to honour the terms of his 2009 compensation package, which could mean that he ends up with a pay-out of up to $100m.