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Cityboy Competition Winners

Cityboy's highly successful work of 'faction', 'Beer & Loathing In The Square Mile' went on sale in paperback earlier this month, and we had 10 signed copies to give away.

The 'Rant' Of The Year

Here's a classic clip of CNBC's Rick Santelli, who reports live from the Chicago Board of Trade. On Thursday Rick indulged in a major rant about US President Barack Obama's Housing Stability Plan.

Bankers - N.ked Ones, Silly Ones & Fl.tulent Ones

The markets are going to Hell in a handcart, more job losses are on the horizon, and we are in the middle of 'banker bashing' season. And, as we come to the end of yet another difficult week, we thought our readers could probably do with something a little light-hearted.

Another Firm Cuts Bonuses By 70%

Reuters reports that French bank BNP Paribas has reduced the size of its 2008 investment banking bonus pot by 70% following the $2.61bn fourth-quarter losses sustained by the unit. The bank is looking to shink costs over at the corporate and investment banking unit by 5%.

US Government Said Looking At Taking Major Stake In Top Firm

The Wall Street Journal reports that the US government is in talks with Citi about converting a significant part of its $45bn preferred share holding in the company into common equity. The move could see the government ending up owning up to 40% of the troubled financial services company. Firm executives, however, are said to be more comfortable if the stake was closer to 25%.

20,000 Jobs May Go As Firm Faces Big Restructuring

The Financial Times reports that Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) could confirm that up to 20,000 jobs go may when it posts its 2008 results, and detail a major restructuring exercise Thursday. The bank has already indicated that it is likely to have sustained losses of up to $40bn last year. It is expected to withdraw from 30 of the 60 countries in which it currently operates, and scale back further its wholesale banking activities.