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John Mack Confirms He Told Geithner To 'Get F....d'

Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack told CNBC this week that he did indeed order a staffer to tell then-New York Fed President Tim Geithner to 'get fucked', as he was busy on the telephone raising $9bn from Japan's Mitsubishi UFJ, and effectively saving his firm.

What A Way To Lose Your Job!

No-one's quite sure whether this is true, or just another urban legend. But some think that it really happened - at a company based in Singapore.

Banker Gets Eight Years For Death Of Wife

HSBC executive Neil Ellerbeck has been sentenced to no less than 8 years in prison, after being found guilty of manslaughter in the death of his wife. The banker was cleared of murder by a UK jury.

Citigroup's Q3 Earnings

Citigroup has reported net income for the third quarter 2009 of $101 million, and a $0.27 loss per share, based on an average 12.1 billion shares outstanding. Third quarter revenues were $20.4 billion. Results included $8.0 billion in net credit losses and an $802 million net loan loss reserve build.

Goldman's Q3 Earnings

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) today reported net revenues of $12.37 billion and net earnings of $3.19 billion for its third quarter ended September 25, 2009.

Bruce Wasserstein 1947 - 2009

'Born December 25, 1947 in Brooklyn, New York, Bruce Wasserstein sadly died on October 14. He was a graduate of the University of Michigan, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Law School, and was the Chairman and CEO of Lazard.