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Top Firm Caught Out By Rogue Traders

The New York Times reports that UBS has been fined $13.3m by UK securities regulator The Financial Services Authority (FSA) for some dodgy goings on over at its wealth management arm in London.

Top Firm Chain Letter

This is no ordinary chain letter. Reading and acting on this could save you a lot of time, inconvenience and much embarrassment. Ignoring this e-mail could ruin your career.

Dear All - 'I Am Not Interested' In Bank of America Job

Bob Kelly, the Chairman & CEO of Bank of New York Mellon was so keen to distance himself from the suggestion that he might be interested in the vacant CEO position over at Bank of America, that he wrote to his Operating Committee to tell the members that he remains in love with his current job.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

A few readers have commented on the fact that the shortlist of candidates being mentioned in connection with the Bank of America CEO vacancy is heavy male-biased - only one candidate out of around 30 possibilities.

Bank of America 'Is Not A Monarchy'

Activist Bank of America shareholder Finger Interests has written to stockholders and the bank's board, pointing out its view that an outside candidate would be the best bet to take over from departing CEO Ken Lewis.