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Will He Or Won't He ? - Top Firm Boss Mulls Base Pay Rises

The New York Post reports that JPMorgan is the latest firm said to be considering increasing base pay over at its investment banking unit. Insiders says that the jury remains out, however, as canny CEO Jamie Dimon is still trying to work out a way to keep costs in line, yet remain competitive so that his top staff don't simply up and off to rivals.

More On Bernie Madoff ('Urin.l Screens & All)

Harry Markopolos, the man who fingered Bernie Madoff to US regulator The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) repeatedly beginning in 2000 (and was ignored), was testifying before the US House Financial Services subcommittee Wednesday.

The Day Bernie Madoff Dropped His Trousers

Bernie Madoff

As 71-year-old fraudster Bernie Madoff spends his time reading in his prison cell, waiting for a US Federal judge to sentence him to incarceration for the rest of his days, Fortune magazine has run an interesting article about the man who is believed to have fleeced investors to the tune of $65bn.

Missing Banker Found Dead

The Daily Mail reports that the body of Huibert Boumeester, the missing multi-millionaire former ABN AMRO banker, has been discovered in woodland in Berkshire, England.