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Bash A Banker

Return of the Suits

14 traders, bankers, brokers and and other financial markets professionals from London have been in training for the last three months, getting ready to take on black cab drivers, producers, and tree surgeons in the boxing ring.

2009 Bonuses - Bankers To Get More, Asset Managers Less

Bloomberg reports that, according to a new report issued by US compensation consultants Johnson Associates, 2009 investment banking bonuses are likely to increase by as much as 25% on last year. Bonuses paid to employees working in the asset management industry are thought likely to see further declines this year, however, possibly by as much as 35%.

Look Who's Said NOT To Be Increasing Base Pay

Coffee Bean

With Bank of America and Citi now said to be joining the likes of Morgan Stanley and UBS, and looking at sanctioning base pay increases for senior staff, the pressure is now on other firms to follow or possibly lose key employees to rivals.