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Staff Face Anxious Wait On Job Loss Front

Staff at Royal Bank of Scotland's corporate and investment banking unit (which now includes thousands of former ABN AMRO staff) have been warned that job losses are likely to come over the next 2 years, and that current market conditions will likely result in more casualties.

Aversion To Risk May Affect Top Firm's Second-Quarter Profits

The New York Times reports that Morgan Stanley's decision to cut back on risk may well come back to bite the firm on the rear-end when it posts its second-quarter earnings later this month. Whilst rivals like Goldman are expected to have generated strong revenues from trading activities, Morgan Stanley's more cautious approach has meant that it has missed the boat during a golden period for canny traders, and the firm is thought likely to post a second-quarter loss.

Top Firm On H1N1 Flu Alert

Swine Flu

Dealbreaker reports that a member of staff at Citi in New York looks to have gone down with the H1N1 virus. Here's the memo the firm sent to staff: