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You Want To Pay Our Traders How Much ?!!

Brewster's Millions

The Financial Times reports that JPMorgan is thought to have asked UK market regulator The Financial Services Authority to look into a $50m compensation package allegedly being offered to its star commodity trader, Todd Edgar, and his team, by Barclays Capital to entice them to join. JPMorgan is said to be concerned that the package, made up of cash and stock, will serve to distort City pay.

Too Good To Be True - The Rise & Fall of Bernie Madoff

Despite all the headlines about Bernard Madoff, who pleaded guilty to running a $65 billion Ponzi scheme, he is still shrouded in mystery. Why (and when) did he turn his legitimate business into a massive fraud ? How did he fool so many smart investors for so long ? Who among his family and employees knew the truth ?

Two Bankers & The 45,000 E-Mails

Disturbing Emails

The New York Times reports that Evercore Partners is having to seek the approval of a bankruptcy judge to get its General Motors advisory fee paid. Nothing strange there.